CadenGroup provides tailored solutions for clients’ most complex, strategic challenges. Our solutions are tailored for your goals, organization and budget…so they are implementable. Working collaboratively, we build lasting capabilities with your team to help your organization mobilize for change. Some areas where we can help you:

-Corporate Strategy
-Department or Business Strategy
-Strategic Planning & Workshops
-Speech & Presentations
-New Markets
-Mission & Vision

Marketing & Communications

Does the message you share within your team and within your community capture who you are as an organization? It’s important for every organization to define what makes them unique.  Once identified, it’s just as important to to share this message. We can offer insightful strategies for an effective and powerful result. Some areas we can help you include:

-Marketing & Sales
-Rebuilding Relationships
-Business Development
-Social Media
-Public Relations & Personal Campaigns


55% of the time, an audience is basing a message on your nonverbal communication. Therefore, preparing for an effective presentation requires more than just “stating the facts.” It’s a strategic process taking into account your audience, your message, and your verbal and nonverbal delivery. We are seasoned public speakers and will serve as your Personal Advisors to develop a strategic and effective presentation.


The story of Pan Am mentioned on our “History” page demonstrates that even the best can fall. Troubled organizations will need to transform themselves. We identify opportunities to help you reinvent your organization by leveraging your strengths, identifying cost savings to free up cash and ensure your organization’s culture fosters your team’s ambition to deliver and succeed.


A talented team, working collaboratively within a good culture, is the basis of any great organization. With that in mind, we strive to improve employee engagement and company performance. By focusing on both, companies can achieve real change and sustainable advantage over competitors.

-High Performance Culture
-Leadership Development
-Staff Engagement
-People Management & Supply
-Change Management
-Outsource Management


In today’s fiercely competitive economy, organizations are being forced to move faster and become more efficient all while being “lean.” They must reinforce their core capabilities, find fresh sources of differentiation and develop the capacity for ongoing change. Some areas we can help you address within your operations include:

-Program Management
-Information Technology
-Service Operations & Effectiveness
-Sourcing and Procurement