Case Studies

Please click on the plus sign (+)below to view a Case Study. Company names withheld to maintain confidentiality. Will provide references to each case study during consideration of retaining CadenGroup.

Leadership Transition
National Engineering Firm with 130+ offices
ENR ranked: “Top 50 Design Firms, General Building”
Challenge Presented:  Leadership Transitioning of a Well-Liked Leader
This client had promoted their Vice President to a new region and replaced him with a new executive, who was talented but an “unknown” to the region. The challenge was to seamlessly fill the shoes of the Vice President who was well connected and well liked by employees, clients and the community. Understanding that change can naturally cause people to be unsettled, the CEO wanted to ensure they would not alienate their employees or clients. 
Business is more than formats, widgets and processes. We are sensitive to knowing that people can ultimately make or break your organization. Where there are people, there is emotion. So while a short term transition plan and long-term strategic plan were developed for the region, the message centered on igniting positive emotion from the employees, clients and community. Compelling, emotional stories were identified with new leader. This included personal stories and business success that drove home the ability for him to lead the region with their short term and long term plan.
The approach was successful. The Vice President was accepted by employees, clients and community as demonstrated by the following results:
– There was 0 employee turnover.
– Clients were maintained.
– There was a 7% increase in revenue from existing clients in the first year.
– Client noted outreach and high visibility assisted in developing new clients for the region.
– By the end of the year, the new leader was holding highly visible and leadership roles in community.
– Within 2 years, the region reached its highest revenue compared to the last decade of business.

Strategic Planning

Local, Small Subcontractor and General Construction Firm
Led by a Hall of Fame football player who is well-liked in the Community
Challenge Presented:  Strategic Planning for Growth
A 16-year-old small, minority–owned firm was interested in growing, specifically in “general construction” which their industry did not recognize as one of their capabilities. The Challenges also included:
-Lack of management stability in Accounting.  This affected processes and timely payments, which became a source of contention with subcontractors
-Existing Staff unable to support growth in business line from an operational and marketing standpoint.
-A highly experienced leader was recruited causing friction with an existing and novice Vice President.
-The friction of the Vice President affected the morale of employees over concerns of instability.
-President consistently over committed due to the inability to say “no” and the high expectations of the community (celebrity) and business (president).
-The perception they lacked the team and processes to serve as a “general contractor” by clients, competition, industry colleagues and community.
We met with the leaders as a group and then individually. While obtaining pertinent information from each leader, we also observed their unique group dynamic. Information gathering meetings were held with select employees to gain insight from their perspective. A strategic planning session was held with Leaders. Following the session, CadenGroup presented a strategic plan identifying numerous areas to address within the operations and marketing activities. Some solutions included:
-Recruiting seasoned Controller with industry knowledge.
-Maintaining Accounting staff to implement accounting processes which would improve payment delays.
-Leadership training.
-Market focus based on analysis of team, connections and potential for growth.
-Focus on team core competencies aligning with markets.
-Recruit additional team for identified market in line with future growth.
-Focused and detailed public relations campaign & one-on-one business development to share story.
Due to success of strategic planning session, client retained CadenGroup with a multi-year contract to implement plan. Contract included all aspects serving as a CMO.
The below results occurred during the slow down in the economy where contractors were either significantly reducing staff, reducing staff salaries or closing.
-Seasoned Controller was recruited, the accounting team stabilized, and payments were made in a timely manner.
-Subcontractors’ confidence improved due to timely payments. This issue was important as the subs are known to “make or break” a Contractor.
-Client went from $8 million in revenue to contracting $52 million in just a 2 ½ year period in construction alone.
-Client’s team grew from 35 to 49 employees.
-Received countless charitable and professional awards recognizing success.
-Community and competitors recognized Client as a “General Contractor” demonstrated by new contracts.

Managing Consultants

High-Tech, Storage Facility
Facility built to withstand Category 5 Hurricane force winds
Challenge: Manage Consultants for Development Firm’s $25 Million, High Tech Storage Facility Project
A seasoned developer who already owned countless storage facilities was interested in offering a unique, high-tech storage facility designed to store valuables such as: exotic cars, fine furnishings, wine, fine art and forensic property. The client only had a receptionist designated for firm.
Over a year’s time, he had outsourced numerous consultants who needed to be managed. This included a public relations firm, advertising firm, security consulting firm, graphic animation firm, and brokers. The public relations team had been unable to place a story during the yearlong contract. The advertising firm had produced sloppy marketing materials. The advertising budget was unmanaged.
It was clear the retained firms needed strong management to help the client achieve goals. CadenGroup was retained to manage the public relations firm and advertising firm as well as consult with the brokers and the security firm. After initial meetings with each consultant, various plans were implemented with each consultant for varying goals and continued communication during the duration of contract.
While CadenGroup was contracted for 6 months, we were able to end the contract 1 month early having addressed the client’s issues. Within a month, the client recognized improved productivity from his consultants and reduced costs. A few examples include:
-Within 5 months, client featured in 2 articles in local newspaper, 2 articles in business journal, 1 article on and covered on local news station.
-Brochures were remedied. The additional, unnecessary, services contracted with advertising firm were terminated.
-Upon revisiting contract, commercial airtime budget was reduced by 35%.
-Security firm finalized drawings for client.
-Brokers began to provide weekly updates on potential clients, competition and market.

Expand Existing Market

Mid sized General Construction firm
Countless Charitable and Company Awards from local Publications
Challenge: Expand Existing Market
This is a reputable, 30 year old, family firm well-known in their community for their quality work and community involvement. Despite their success for providing superior services for one hospital for more than 11 years, the leadership was unable to capture work from other hospitals. After unsuccessfully trying for 3 years on their own, they turned to CadenGroup. The challenges:
-Hospital construction work is considered one of most technically challenging work in their industry.
-Despite an 11-year successful track record with their one hospital client, they were an “unknown” in healthcare.
-The market had existing and well-established “deep pocket” national and indigenous competitors.
After a thorough analysis, a decision was made to refocus on the hospital market. A strategic plan was created along with both personal and public relations campaign to brand the company as a “Hospital Contractor.” Key alliances were identified and secured in the healthcare community. Training of up and coming changes in hospital construction procedures helped position the team to serve as expert for healthcare community.
-Members of management were appointed to several leadership roles within the healthcare community allowing for continued visibility.
-The healthcare construction executive presented countless workshops on the new healthcare construction protocol attended by hospital decision makers.
-Within a year, the client was being referred to as a “Hospital Contractor” by Hospital Executives and Consultants.
-Within 2 years, healthcare projects were the most profitable of their commercial projects.
-Within 2 ½ years, they went from working within 1 hospital to 12 hospitals.

Develop New Market

National Healthcare Engineering firm with 400+ employees
ENR Ranked #141 in Top 500 Design Firms 

Challenge Presented:  Development of New, Profitable Target Market
The principals of a well-known, leading, healthcare engineering firm were interested in diversifying into a new market.
An analysis of the company, people and various markets was completed to identify the best potential for success and profitability. The new niche became apparent upon clearly identifying opportunities and needs within the educational facilities market. A detailed Marketing Action Plan (MAP) was developed and implemented specifically for pursuing work within education market. The MAP had a designated “owner” responsible for meeting timelines with specific action items. The MAP became a weekly, quick checklist for the leaders.
-Within 2 years, 23% of the client’s revenue was from the newly developed market. This was due to capturing work from 5 universities and 3 school boards.
-Their new market connections were recommending them to other markets that resulted in additional exposure and new business.
-The client noted an increase in employee morale due to the successful, new market expansion.