Our History

Front center: Captain J. Fitzpatrick; Guidon of ROTC class & only one accepted as Pilot upon graduation; Former B-52 Bomber Pilot

As a daughter of a Pan Am Captain, I was one of the countless families affected by the bankruptcy of Pan Am Airlines.

I was in my last year at University of Florida. It was an emotional time knowing my Dad lost his livelihood, his career, his passion. I was also impacted by the enormity of this corporate legend’s decline that changed the lives of the 20,000+ employees and their families.

My passion to help organizations maintain their greatness was born.

I spent the next 18 years working in marketing, human resources, operations, and IT within government, healthcare, non-profit, small and national corporations.

Regardless of the industry or size, we can apply a lesson learned from Pan Am:  Even the best organizations can fall. The most ambitious leaders understand they must continue to evolve their organization whether it is due to internal or external influences, such as:  changes in a team, antiquated processes, new technology, change in politics or improved competition.

This is where Caden Group comes in.

We share your passion for greatness and are driven to answer the basic question “What’s working? What’s not working?” We gain insight from leadership, pertinent staff, clients, and even, competition. Just as essential…helping you follow through to act on this important insight.

Our clients have referred to us as:

“Change Agents”
“Business Consultants”
“Sounding Boards”

No matter how you describe CadenGroup, we are driven by one goal…to help you sustain success.